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Enable Business Users to Make their Own Template Changes

Do your business users rely on developers to make template even small template updates?

"Not only can business users own the entire template design process, small template changes can be performed by the business user in a matter of minutes instead of a matter of hours by a developer."

Many business users requiring automated documents are plagued with time-consuming back-and-forth communication between themselves and programmers during the template design cycle. While business users are invested in the success of the documents and know the design requirements, developers are required to specialize in hard-to-use design tools and responsible for time-intensive coding to get templates to operate correctly and look professional. Since only the business user fully understands the requirements and the template design can only be done by the developer, both individuals end up wasting copious amounts of time working towards the finished product. As a result of template requirements becoming a game of telephone, improvements to templates are a slow process, with incremental improvements each development cycle, but many development cycles necessary to reach a finished product sufficient for the end user. After the base document is perfected, the business user is still dependent on the developer for even small changes to their template.

Windward has solved this problem for our customers with the easy-to-use Windward Designer. Our customers' work is transformed after business users are able to retain control over every aspect of template design. Windward Designer is a plugin to Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), allowing business users to leverage the tools they already know in template design. Communication between developers and business users is minimized during the design process, especially since Windward continuously releases new product tutorials and training to help accelerate the design capabilities of business users in Windward Designer. Not only can business users own the entire template design process, small template changes can be performed by the business user in a matter of minutes instead of a matter of hours by a developer.

Altogether, centralizing template design to an individual saves everyone time and frustration, and even better, by nature of being a Word plugin, Windward offers unparalleled formatting support. Documents can be output by the powerful Windward Engines that are compatible with almost every programming language. For users who do not have resources to embed an engine into an application, Windward offers a standalone solution (Windward Solo) that can be setup without writing a single line of code and drives document automation from a single machine.

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