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Discover Document Automation Software Capable of Handling High Output Requirements Without Sacrificing Performance

Does your current system fail to meet performance requirements for high output loads?

"The powerful Windward Engines offered in Java, .NET, and as a RESTful API enables our users to keep up with output requirements under the most strenuous requirements."

It is common for customers of Windward to require high performing document automation software. Customers find that alternative document generation software cannot handle high volume requirements and concurrent requests for output. Sacrificing performance is not an option for large enterprises and OEM customers who need to be able to serve thousands or millions of pages of output every day. Having document automation software that keeps up with these demands is the difference between moving business forward and establishing a bottleneck that wastes time, money, and stalls business.

That is where Windward comes in. The powerful Windward Engines offered in Java, .NET, and as a RESTful API enables our users to keep up with output requirements under the most strenuous requirements. Windward prides itself on generating pages per second, not seconds per page. One customer case study records the customer's process of qualifying Windward as capable to handle their output requirements, and the results were stunning. The customer's evaluation of Windward revealed the engine's capability of producing 5,000 documents per minute with each document being an average of 5 pages. In a single day, they generated 36,000,000 pages! They also found that they could serve output requests from 2,500 users on a single machine and found that their limitation ended up being bandwidth to the database and not the Windward Engine.

Having high performing software behind document generation is a serious matter. It is a huge concern of our customers which makes it a serious concern of ours. Windward is proud to rise to the challenge and offer engines that perform exceedingly well under pressure. Not only this, but our engines can be integrated into client applications in as few as 14 lines of code, and across our three engine offerings, can be called from almost every programming language. No matter what your application is written in, high performing document automation is only 14 lines of code away!

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