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Generating Loan Documents Simplified with Windward

We know as a financial organization, your clients come first in everything you do. Whether it is personal, home, commercial or corporate loans, you aim to provide first-class service and products that meet their expectations.

The Problem

Surprisingly, most loan companies have to deal with production expenses as they have to sweat it out by working on manual documentation process besides commissions and equipment among others. And this, in fact, raises the cost of disbursing loans. No wonder, the performance report from Mortgage Bankers Association indicates over $1000 rise in these expenses.

The Solution — Loan Document Automation

We understand you would love to access the best technology and support while dealing with loan approvals and distribution.

And, the good news — there is a smart digital revolution sweeping the financial services industry. More financial firms now process loans online enhancing the transparency and overall customer service experience.

Let Windward do the Hard Work for You — Great ROI — Effective and Efficient Backend Loan Process

Effective use of loan document automation technology can translate into simple upfront work for the firm and more disbursal of loans in the pipeline, resulting in happier borrowers due to quicker closings. As a result, an absolute win-win situation for all stakeholders.

Windward's document creation software is very cost-efficient and ensures great ROI in quick time. Irrespective of the loan type, you can completely digitize your loan document generation process.

You can create specific templates for a wide range of loan documents. Also, you can just install Windward as an add-on in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint. It ensures better efficiency and decreases the loan processing time. You can create accurate documents as Windward can work with a wide range of data sources like SQL, XML among others and allows you to get them in a variety of output formats like PDF, DOCX, and more.

Whether it is a well-detailed loan resolution, agreement letter, promissory note or a loan guarantee document, you can count on Windward to come up with the best quality and visually appealing documents.

In fact, you may opt for a completely paperless option by integrating an e-sign provider with Windward.

Why Count on Windward?

Windward is the fastest and smartest way to generate loan documents as a developer. Its intuitive interface and low learning curve make it literally a ‘DIY’ loan document generation tool. No wonder, big firms like HSBC and Toyota Financial Services harness Windward to create spectacular loan documents.

You can create and edit templates in your favorite Word and Excel platforms. Hence, it empowers you to have total control over the templates. Whether it is the borrower portals or loan origination department Windward will seamlessly integrate into every aspect of your back-end loan document process, so you don’t have to re-key data into templates.

With accurate loan documents and swift process, Windward helps improve customer satisfaction and overall experience at your end. Onboarding a new customer becomes a cinch and closing more loan deals for your organization gets easier than ever.

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