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Get More Personalized with Mail Merge

Windward makes your mail merge process a lot easier and enables you to send out personalized and unique bulk letters or emails in just a few clicks. You might be using a basic template like a Word processing program to fill in variable data like the recipient’s name, address and other content. With this feature, you can send out similar information to many but still personalize the letter or information. Windward document designer makes the task of executing mail merge to different groups of people more efficient and visually appealing.

What Actually Happens in a Mail Merge?

Using mail merge option an organization can send a combination of standard information along with personalized content to their contacts. For example, every recipient can be addressed by their first name at the beginning of the mail and then include individual information like personalized identification codes along with the general information that you wish to communicate to all the contacts on the organization’s mailing list. All this is done in batch but recipients will receive customized communication. These are the three documents generally involved in the process of merging documents:

Main Document

This is comprised of universal content which will appear in every merged document. For example, the organization logo, return mailing address or general communication. The main document can be text, image or graphics

Mailing List

This is made up of data that is added to the main document. The mailing list will have addresses of the recipients which will be printed on the envelopes or entered in the email address section.

Merged Document

This is the Main Document and the Mailing List combined to make up a merged document with all the content needed to send out the personalized emails or print envelopes and so on. Windward makes all this process an error-free and efficient. In the simple click of a button, you can send out a lot of emails to different recipients but each of them gets a personalized touch as opposed to being one of many listed email recipients.

Why Personalize Mails?

Marketing research has shown that salespersons who personalize their bulk messages receive more favorable responses than those who do not. Click through rates with personalized communication increases by 14 percent and that also means conversions will increase. Personalized communication is a good way to begin discussions and arouse interest. Emails with personalized subject lines tend to have better open rates than those which indicate Bcc or Cc.

Mail Merge in Action

There are different situations that demonstrate mail merge in action. In most cases, it is called for when you have to send out a number of emails with similar content but there may be a few unique fields that need to be personalized.

For example:

  • An educational institution sending students curriculum
  • Bank officials sending out monthly account details
  • An organization inviting guests to a corporate event
  • Sending annual performance reports to shareholder

Why You Need Windward While Doing Mail Merge?

Mail merge is the answer to create a more effective sales communication flow and Windward makes it a super simple process. By sending out personalized emails, your sales executives will give prospective and current clients the feeling of being attended to on a personal level. This gives the sales team a better chance of closing deals and makes communication more effective. Response time will be a lot faster and you should see better performance from your email marketing campaigns.

And, Windward takes it a step further by ensuring smart logic functionality while creating emails for your next batch. This is generally not available in most basic or simple mail merge platforms and Windward ensures you generate high-quality documents in the process.

Windward Goes into Overdrive — How Personalizing is Done?

Mail merge lets you add names to individual emails or envelopes. This though is not limited to just names and addresses. You can also add variable information like place of work, the title of the recipient like Doctor or Captain, location and so much more when you integrate Windward.

The Designer allows you to mark off the fields that will be filled automatically so when you merge the mail, it will fill all the fields according to data saved in the database. In the end, all the emails will have the same structure, formatting, and graphics but the unique fields will vary according to the correspondent. In fact, Windward can draw data from an extensive range of sources while creating the letters.

Windward Document Generation software offers a unique solution to a complex problem that other software fails to address. Most basic merging platforms are not made to cater to the unique demand of having standardized documents with error-free formatting and able to deliver bulk mailing capability.

In fact, it consumes a lot of your time to fill up the data manually in some fields. However, Windward makes it super quick due to its advanced document generation engine that comes handy while creating documents for your mail merge activity. In fact, Windward offers more control over template design so that every business is able to design a template that best represents their brand and then go ahead to use it in a simple and familiar environment like Microsoft Office without having to install or download other complex tools. Our intuitive document designer can be integrated into the Microsoft office suite so you will not even have to undergo complex software training to use it.

Smart Flexibility

You have the liberty to decide which audience receives what information and when they receive it. The software allows you to chose particular data which will be displayed to multiple audiences from specific information sources. Quick Template Creation The days when template development had to be a painstaking procedure lasting a number of days of back and forth communication are in the past with Windward. You can achieve perfection in a matter of minutes and save valuable hours that can be used actually making sales and not mail merge templates.

It is time to move your organization forward with a more efficient and super fast mail merge process by integrating Windward into your existing platforms.

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