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Give Your Customers the Power to Own Document Design

Are your end users required to enter support requests for every template change?

"Designer is so easy to use, that with our easy-to-learn training guides, anyone can build document automation templates."

Before Windward, many of our OEM customers struggled with providing customized documents to their customers. Businesses today require lots of customization in their templates with varying data, branding, wording, and language. Most companies keep the design of documents in the development department. This means that if a customer wants a change to a template or for a standardized template to be customized, someone inside the company needs to own this change. With difficult to use templating tools, this work tends to fall on the development department, and so many small changes don't scale with new customers. Unfortunately, this pushes many companies to the worst case scenario: telling the customer that they will not get customized documents since the effort is too great.

Luckily, Windward has solved this problem for many of our happy OEM customers. The key to providing customized documents to every customer is the Windward Designer. Designer is so easy to use, that with our easy-to-learn training guides, anyone can build document automation templates. Since Windward Designer is a plugin to Microsoft Office, all of the heavy lifting in formatting templates is done in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. Document formatting that previously had to be done by clunky design tools and template code is now done in Office—no code at all! Template design is truly so easy, after undergoing basic training, OEM customers can make all of their template changes on their own. In the blink of an eye, our customers go from declining even the smallest template edit requests to enabling their clients to make every document customization change they could ever want.

In addition to its ease of use, Windward meets all of the template requirements companies have today. The Windward Engine can be embedded in applications in as few as 14 lines of code, and handles even the most strenuousness output requirements. Output to PDF, DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, printer, HTML and more is pixel perfect, and consistent output allows our customers to meet strict compliance standards. Windward supports data connections from SQL, XML, JSON, OData, SalesForce, and more, and multiple Datasources can be connected to a single template!

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