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Swift Generation of Portfolio Statements

A financial or investment organization needs to regularly produce wealth management or portfolio statements for its clients. Each portfolio may contain various documents, some of them might be conditionally included and they must consist of client-specific data.

The Purpose

A portfolio statement comprises of relevant information and insight into the client's financial standing. As a developer, you need to ensure it serves to complement the instructions and guidance provided by the portfolio advisor or manager. That’s why the documents you produce must be easy to read and enable your clients to pursue their portfolio’s progress between the discussions they have with the manager/advisor. In a nutshell, you need to show them not just the wealth they own, but what it can accomplish.

The Problem

With most document generation solutions out there, developers need to gather the portfolio document requirements manually from the advisor and then convert that data into a template. Some might allow you to save them in the server and use these templates to create documents. Most of them would allow you to make minimal changes to the templates and often you need to add information manually to create portfolio statements. As a result, developers will find generating them a tough task on a regular basis and portfolio managers have no choice but wait for the portfolio statement updates. We know time is money (especially in the financial sector), and as a developer, you simply can't go wrong with choosing a document creator.

Say Adieu to the Rigorous Document (Portfolio Statement) Creation Process

Windward ensures creating portfolio statements fast and flawless!

It ensures your clients get the most value out of their statements.

As a developer, you can let Windward do all the hard work for you.

Visually Stunning Portfolio Statements in the Best Document Format

We know details matter a lot when it comes to portfolio statements and Windward’s document generation platform ensures matchless precision and perfect customization for every client’s statement you intend to generate.

The best portfolio statements from reputed organizations include more than just numbers or figures, it gives instant confidence to the clients that they are in total control of their wealth.

Windward helps you achieve just that with smart-automated document creation process. It empowers you as a developer to create portfolio statements that are up to date and super simple to understand for your clients.

It helps you generate reader-friendly documents when it comes to your clients’ portfolio and cash flow summary, asset allocation, activity details, performance monitoring or the advisory team details among others.

Windward --- Right on the Money!

Windward Document Designer allows you to create templates in popular platforms like Word and PowerPoint among others. You can use the drag-and-drop feature to include predefined report templates and take advantage of Windward document designer as a stand-alone or an embedded in-house application.

The good news --- you can harness a wide range of data sources like SQL, JSON, XML, and more to create your documents. You can use Windward to create accurate portfolio statements in large batches in just a fraction of the time.

You get to enjoy total control while designing your clients’ portfolio statements and include the right design elements from font colors, spacing, graphics to custom pages (by inserting conditional logic, smart data tags and more).

You don’t have to transform your present applications to engage Windward designer or Engine as it can smartly integrate into your organization’s existing application (all it takes is a few lines of code).

The best part is you can automate the portfolio statement generation process with reusable templates and data connections.

A clear understanding of the portfolio statements will only make clients trust your organization more and rely on you to manage their wealth. And, Windward is here to ensure your portfolio statements generation process is effective and easy and make them reader-friendly at a fraction of the cost.

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