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Looking for a Template Design Tool with Advanced Formatting Support

Does your current template design system restrict the formatting of your templates?

"...if you can do it in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, you can do it in your document automation templates with Windward."

A common problem for Windward customers is finding more advanced formatting support than what is provided by document automation solutions available today. Formatting support for document templating tools is so limited that some solutions even brag about their support for simple template formatting like tables. When working with these solutions, users encounter template designers that are foreign and difficult to use, and even worse, much of the advanced functionality requires a developer to code formatting into the document. Here at Windward, this kind of formatting comes second nature to us, since even very complex template formatting with our software is a breeze in comparison to alternatives.

Windward Designer is the number one document automation tool for designing documents with complex formatting. Designer is a plug-in to Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and allows the user to leverage all of the document formatting tools provided by Microsoft Office in their templates. This simple functionality is the key for our customers to resolve their formatting restrictions. Document formatting like tables that can be challenging in alternative template design tools are second nature in the Microsoft Office environment; if you can do it in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, you can do it in your document automation templates with Windward.

Windward customers find that with Designer they can create templates that exceed their wildest dreams for their prior solution. Not only is our template formatting best-in-class, our customers get pixel-perfect output to DOCX, PDF, XLSX, PPTX, HTML, printer, and more. Finally, the cherry on top, this advanced template formatting does not come at the cost of developers time. On the contrary, Designer is easy to use by virtue of being a MS Office plugin. All of the complex formatting is handled in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint—tools already second nature to the majority of workers today. As such, template developers save valuable time while delivering templates an order of magnitude better than what other solutions offer.

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