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Windward Internationalization Capabilities

Doing business across the globe?

Windward’s internationalization capabilities bring our first-class reporting and document generation functionality to organizations and their applications wherever they may be. See our international reviews on G2 Crowd.

When designing templates, Windward’s Designer stays ahead of the game by enabling localization for target audiences that vary in region, culture, and language. This means our solution can easily be adapted to various languages and regions without time-consuming engineering changes and also takes into account differing aspects such as:

  • Cultural differences
  • Currencies
  • Date formats
  • Spacing
  • Text orientation
  • Units of measurement

—making switching between formats and languages a breeze!

Designer’s output displays text in any language perfectly. Countless customers use Windward’s software to generate documents and reports in Arabic, Chinese, and many other languages with non-Latin scripts.

Windward’s solution is designed to work seamlessly with the software your company already uses. Designer works with the Microsoft Office Suite to import your company’s data and translate it to any language your customers may need. Office is already set up with international users in mind, so with Designer you can make doubly sure that your customers’ needs are met. It’s easy to add Designer as an Office add-in and get started.

Planning on expanding your market in the future? Designer’s internationalization capabilities will help you anticipate future language needs and avoid costly translation issues at the 11th hour. Plan ahead with Designer and purposely build your software with internationalization in mind as it will become a competitive differentiator for your application.

We’re used in 70 countries all over the world and can handle thousands of languages and scripts including Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Korean.

So why not give Designer a try? Learn more about how Windward works.

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