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The Ultimate Tool for Sales Efficiency: Document Automation

A sales team’s success heavily relies on its ability to be efficient and consistent. Learn how you can use document automation to clean up internal processes and serve prospects and customers at a higher level.

Document Automation Demo

What is document automation? Save your developers' time and your execs' money, while empowering business users to make their own changes. Windward, the DocAuto experts, are here to help.

Windward Core Demo

Windward Studios has been the leader of document automation solutions for over a decade. See what makes our flagship product, Windward Core, the best in the industry.

Hub + Salesforce Demo

Our newest document automation solutions, Windward Hub, makes generating documents from Salesforce a breeze! See just how easy it is in our new demo video.

Windward Presents at Finovate

Finovate is one of the world’s biggest banking and financial technology conventions. At Finovate Spring 2018 Windward was selected to demonstrate Designer’s one-of-a-kind document automation capabilities.

An Introduction to Windward

The Introduction to Windward features information on who we are, how we work and why we are the essential Document Automation solution.

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Windward Insight Deck

What is DocGen and do you need it?
Learn the pros and cons of DocGen and hear from Windward Studios customers.

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Windward Introductory Demo

This slide deck, which is heavily commented, contains the slides used in conjunction with our Designer for the introductory demo of Windward's solutions.

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"How Windward Is Making The Customer Experience Better" infographic

The Windward Difference

Read how Windward is making the customer experience better with our best-in-class support.
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"Your New Secret Weapon" infographic

Your New Secret Weapon

Learn about the benefits of Windward and how we can become your new secret weapon.
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"How Windward Is Making The Customer Experience Better" infographic

Types of Documents Created in 10 Different Industries

Here are infographics about the common types of documents and reports created in ten different industries. You can automate them using Windward.
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