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Effortless Document Generation Using Your JSON Data

Now you can create beautiful, data-rich JSON reports using Windward!

Windward JSON Document Automation

With just the right template designer, you can make stunning reports with beautiful layouts even with huge amounts of data. In fact, you can make these datasets even more comprehensive if you incorporate the right design and visual elements to your reports. That's where Windward comes in. Our document automation solution gives users the ability to design templates and generate reports without any confusion about using their JSON database.

Connect to Your JSON Datasource with Windward

Windward offers the best solution for effortless connection and simple data selection. We empower business users with no programming experience to create beautiful and compliant documents, reports, spreadsheets, and even slideshows—all from your JSON datasource.

See just how easy it is to connect!

Designing Documents Rich with JSON Data

In addition to our Connection Editor, Windward has a robust Query Wizard that make JSON data queries a cinch for both expert developers and conventional users alike. For example, you can compose complex JPath queries to extract data using the smart JPath Wizard, even without any deep familiarity with writing in JPath. Windward's select wizards help with template development for generic users without ever needing the support of developers.

About Windward

Windward’s team is always developing better solutions to make reporting operations even more efficient. For years, we have been continuously releasing software updates to aid businesses' reporting and document automation needs in a wide range of industries.

Our focus is solving issues related to report generation and data handling. In the coming years, we envision that every business will improve their workflow by using our innovative reporting tools.

If you've just discovered us, we're excited. Try Windward with our 30-day free trial and start creating documents in quick time with our low/no code solutions.

Document Automation for high volume output and a familiar user-friendly design environment

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