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Document Automation Software Reviews

Independent detailed reviews of top document generation solutions.

We could not find any site that provides quantitative reviews of available document automation solutions. So we hired SoftwareSuggest, a well-respected independent review site, to write detailed reviews of each of the products, including Windward.

Top DocGen & DocAuto Tools: A Summary

Document generation and automation software is the need of the hour for industries producing tons and tons of documents every day. To make the process easier, the tools below come in handy. While each of them simplifies your document generation needs, some might not fit in your business requirements. So, ensure that you narrow the top options and analyze them to pick the best DocGen/DocAuto tool.

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Form Automation Tools: A Definitive Guide to Automating Paper-Based Processes

In a nutshell, form automation software is a tool that helps businesses automate the process of filling forms and checklists. That is, it promotes a paperless approach while eliminating wasteful manual tasks from daily recurring processes. Be it building questionnaires, surveys, contracts, applications, or anything; it removes the inefficient and inherent paper-based systems.

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Conga Composer

Conga Composer is the first document generation application to launch on the Salesforce AppExchange. Composer can create personalized documents from your Salesforce data at the click of a button. Conga Solutions integrates with your workflows to save you valuable time and resources. Conga Orchestrate seamlessly automates the generation and approval process.
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Docmosis provides document generation products for software development teams to speed up the reporting process within their applications. Docmosis allows users to create templates using Microsoft Word and LibreOffice. Docmosis Cloud provides access to their docgen software through any app connected to the Internet, and their Tornado product provides access through webs services.

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Ecrion Engage provides modular document automation software as well as customer communication and experience management.  Business users can design a template within Ecrion’s visual design tool and store logos, branding, and other assets within a central repository.  Ecrion’s software is available as either on-premises or in the cloud so customers can deploy only the services they need.

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Formstack (formerly WebMerge)

Formstack Documents is a document generation solution that automatically populates documents and other form builders.  Users can output their documents to different locations such as email, the cloud, or even to an eSignature app.  Formstack also offers an online form builder that allows users to design their forms and automate workflows.

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The HotDocs Advance system, by AbacusNext, turns documents and forms into reusable templates. They offer an out-of-the-box solution as well as a customizable solution to integrate into existing systems. Also available is HotDocs Market, custom templates designed by commercial legal publishers.

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Nintex DocGen for Salesforce

Nintex simplifies document creation in Salesforce using the same data and documents you use today. This transforms documents into automated business processes that accelerate sales and business results, empowering employees to do more of what they do best. Document generation processes can be activated with the click of a button, by batch, or workflow, with users never having to leave the familiarity of Salesforce.
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Windward Studios

Windward's product suite spans the gamut from a comprehensive SaaS or desktop solution, to seamless integration in your CRM or custom apps. Create visually dynamic documents that look precisely the way you want, incorporating all your business logic right in the template. Windward delivers visually stunning designs, smart document logic, an incredibly intuitive interface, and significant time & cost savings.
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Xpertdoc offers document generation and automation solutions with deployment options like SaaS or on-premise.  Their Smart Flows software allows users to design processes for the entire life cycle of their documents, from template creation and generation, storage, and eSignature.  Xpertdoc’s Template Builder is an add-in for Microsoft Word.

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