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Ecrion Engage provides modular document automation software as well as customer communication and experience management.  Business users can design a template within Ecrion’s visual design tool and store logos, branding, and other assets within a central repository.

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If you’re considering Ecrion, you might want to compare it with Windward Core, our flagship product. Core is comprised of two components: Designer and Engine. Core allows end-users to design stunning templates and output data-rich documents, reports, spreadsheets, and even slide decks. Core is easy for companies to integrate, and even easier for their employees of any skillset to use.

Top Ecrion Document Generation Features

  • Advanced import template capabilities that process tags live
  • Outputs to almost every format including direct-to-printer
  • Capable of building charts from data

Top Windward Document Generation Features

  • Includes advanced options for creating doclets to drag & drop into future templates
  • Multiple datasources supported & processed simultaneously
  • Processes embedded DOCX, XLSX, & PPTX objects and displays in output

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