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Formstack Documents

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Formstack Documents is a document generation solution that automatically populates documents and other form builders.  Users can output their documents to different locations such as email, the cloud, or even to an eSignature app.  Formstack also offers an online form builder that allows users to design their forms and automate workflows.

Compare it with:

If you’re considering Formstack, you might want to compare it with Windward Hub, our comprehensive hosted solution. From template to output to distribution, Hub helps users manage the entire life cycle of their documents. Hub centralizes the template creation process in one platform where users can upload, save, and manage templates, and even schedule their output and delivery.

Top Formstack Document Automation Features

  • No limitations on tag starting or ending locations
  • Supports basic output formats like DOCX, HTML, PDF< XLSX, & more
  • Supports template design in MS Word, Excel, & PowerPoint, both Windows and Web versions

Top Windward Document Automation Features

  • Includes advanced options for creating doclets to drag & drop into future templates
  • Multiple datasources supported & processed simultaneously
  • Processes embedded DOCX, XLSX, & PPTX objects and displays in output

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Competitor Spotlight: Formstack


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