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Save Your Developers Time With No-Code Document Automation Templates

Does making even small template changes cost your developers days or weeks of their time?

"After the base template is developed, small imperfections in the template that are meaningful to the end user can take very large amounts of developer time to fix."

One problem Windward customers encounter are template development tools that require coding. Products like these that require a developer to write code to structure a documents formatting, guide logic within the document, or connect the document to its data become very expensive. Developers are required to develop templates which requires a large amount of communication between the developers and the end users of the template. Using these tools, the developer time to generate the base document becomes a huge time suck. After the base template is developed, small imperfections in the template that are meaningful to the end user can take very large amounts of developer time to fix.

Windward has solved this problem for many of our customers with the Windward Designer. Designer is a template development tool that plugs directly into Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and gives template developers the ability to all of their design in tools they are already familiar with. With Microsoft Office’s extensive formatting support, formatting is no longer an issue and doesn’t require any coding. Currently in the world of document automation, solutions who require coding in their templates or offer their own template editors brag about even simple formatting like tables. For Windward, simple formatting like tables is a basic functionality assumption, along with the rest of Word’s advanced formatting support. Editing no-code templates in Word greatly reduces the amount of developer time spent working on templates. After the base template is created, all formatting tweaks are done using Microsoft Office tools. No tampering with code accompanied by costly workarounds and debugging.

Windward has saved our customers very serious time and money through the Windward Designer. Customers who were spending 2 days to design a single template can now do so in an hour or less. One customer used a Windward Designer and a single employee to complete a project in 6 weeks that they estimated would otherwise have taken them several employees more than a year to complete. Time savings like these are what make Windward the premier document automation solution for formatting and ease of use.

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