A Better Way to Automate Data-Powered Reports

A top alternative to Crystal Reports, Windward’s unique low-code solution embeds into any application and enabling users to populate beautiful, data-smart documents & reports within the familiar landscape of Microsoft Office
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Visually stunning documents & reports

Windward makes it unbelievably fast & easy to automatically generate professional-looking documents & reports. Our best in class document generation software plugs into Microsoft Office so that you can design & populate data-powered documents with unlimited formatting capabilities.

If you already know Office, you've got this

Merge your data into your customizable templates to generate stunning, error-free documents
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Native Office formatting for unlimited text options
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Add graphic elements such as images and charts
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Include business logic and complex queries with wizards
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Drag and drop tools for repetitive elements
Our best-in-class designer functions as a Microsoft Office extension and allows you easily insert data tags directly into your content anywhere in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, & PowerPoint). These familiar and intuitive builders allow anyone to create and edit templates in a fraction of the time it takes with other document generator software. Simply build your desired layout and formatting using Office.
How it Works

Connect To Everything

Windward is able to connect to 147 vendor's data as well as standard SQL, JSON, XML, & OData datasources. In addition, a template can be populated from multiple datasources - simultaneously. You can cross-reference between datasources in your queries. This plus the power of Windward's designer delivers a document automation solution with no limitations - in design or datasources.


Ready to merge your data with design? We make it as easy as possible, with nearly universal datasource support and seamless integration with just 11 lines of code. See all datasources here.

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Programming Languages

It is possible to integrate Windward's solution into virtually any application regardless of language by using direct calls from the RESTful Engine. We make it as easy as possible to merge our solution with your application. See all languages here.
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Output Formats

The Engine combines your Windward Designer templates with the data you need to create visually impressive data-powered documents in the most common document formats, 18 in total. See all output formats here.
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What popular people are saying about popular features of Windward Designer.

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“The best part about Windward is it quickly integrated into
our MS Word and Excel platforms. So we literally skipped the learning curve to learn the software and
straightaway went ahead with creating document templates in minutes.”
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"With the help of Windward Studios, we were able to provide reports to our clients maintaining very high standard...it makes the developers life easy since it allows designing report on native word/excel applications”
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“The benefit of not needing a highly technical team member do the template creation but rather be able to train and task an administrative staff member is a big financial benefit.”

For business problems you haven't been able to solve with other document automation solutions, Windward is the answer.

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